Ground Station Service


We bring computational power next to the digitized software-driven ground station. Instead of relaying satellite data directly to the cloud and run into data bottlenecks, we decentralize processing power next to the ground station. By that we enable true real-time processing without latency while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements on the network.

  • Data bottlenecks are eliminated, and costs are reduced by a fully software driven data processing platform.
  • Bulletproof security through an end-to-end encapsulated system.
  • We are sustainable. Our IT infrastructure does not generate any carbon dioxide making satellite operations sustainable.

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Virtual Ground Segment Service

The ground segment constitutes the ground-based IT infrastructure necessary to support the operation of satellites, including mission control, mission planning, automation, signal acquisition, reception, processing and the delivery of data.

It is remarkably similar as an orchestra, many sub-systems must go hand in hand to satisfy satellite operators, end-customers, and stakeholders. Only an exceptionally reliable, scalable, and sustainable platform can accomplish that.

By closing the gap between data centers and ground stations we enable edge-based satellite communications.

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Ground Segment Colocation and Antenna Hosting


Do you require an own all-in-one highly reliable and secure ground segment such as for governments, space agencies, or the military?

We guarantee to provide the most cost efficient solution and integrate customized hardware and antennas requested by our customers. The data center hosts all the IT infrastructure, and the ground station side all antennas.

We make the best out of your investment and keep the system running 24/7 365 days a year.

On top of that fully carbon dioxide free. Powered by wind and water only.

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Ground Stations and Space Data Hubs


We focus on enabling high quality services through strategically selected locations, operated by us.

Data Centers run the network management centers and all the backbone IT services and enable edge-based satellite communications for true real-time processing without latency while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements on the network.

All data hubs are interconnected and create a global cloud-based ground segment.

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Adaptive Data Compression

Data bottleneck are limiting and potentially endangering satellite missions and safety critical assets.

Based on a ground-breaking patented algorithm invented at ESA, our software is able to compress real-time data packet streams such as telemetry and reduce the required bandwidth up to 75 %.

  • Lossless
  • Robust to data loss
  • Self-adapting
  • Made for satellite on-board computers
  • Tested with flight hardware
  • Flying on an ESA mission

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