Colocation and Hosting

Highly Secure, Reliable, and Sustainable IT Infrastructure


We offer solutions to a dedicated and fully encapsulated ground segment IT infrastructure fulfilling the requirements for governments, space agencies, and the military.

Together with our data center partner we find the optimal solution and connect you to the ground station services.

We make the best out of your investment and keep the system running 24/7 365 days a year, guaranteed.

On top of we are fully carbon dioxide free. Powered by wind and water only removing the environmental footprint from your satellite mission.

Ground Station Hosting

Our antenna areas are highly secured by razor-wire fences and monitored by an AI-based camera-surveillance system. The RF environment is very calm and the spectrum is constantly being monitored to ensure that RF interference can be detected and located quickly.

We have plenty of space for additional antennas and a direct connections to data centers.

Our service offer involves all what is needed to enable this solution:

  • Radio spectrum licencing (e.g. transmitter licence)
  • Security (e.g. fence with access control)
  • Civil work (e.g. concrete foundation)
  • Telecommunications and IT (e.g. data center connectivity)
  • Maintenance (Regular and Irregular)