Adaptive data compression

Data bottlenecks are limiting and potentially endangering satellite missions


Based on a ground-breaking patented algorithm invented at ESA, our software is able to compress real-time data packet streams such as telemetry and reduce the required bandwidth up to 75 %.

  • Lossless
  • Robust to data loss
  • Self-adapting
  • Made for satellite on-board computers
  • Tested with flight hardware
  • Implemented into an ESA mission

Adaptive Encoding

An adaptive encoder removes redundant data by predicting which bits are going to change, and which not. By applying this method, the amount of data can be decreased by 70 – 80 %.

The MISRA C compliant on-board-software has only a small memory footprint and uses native CPU tasks such as bit shifts and logical operators only. The decompression software is stream based and synchronizes automatically to the incoming satellite data stream.

Tested with telemetry data of various missions, and developed according to the concept of operations for agency and institutional missions.