Ground Station Service

Edge-Based Satellite Communications


We bring computational power next to the digitized software-driven ground station. Instead of relaying satellite data directly to the cloud and run into data bottlenecks, we decentralize processing power next to the ground station. By that we enable true real-time processing without latency while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements on the network.

  • Data bottlenecks are eliminated, and costs are reduced by a fully software driven data processing platform.
  • Bulletproof security through an end-to-end encapsulated system.
  • We are sustainable. Our IT infrastructure does not generate any carbon dioxide making satellite operations sustainable.

Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C)


The turnkey real-time TTC module is available for Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbiting (MEO) satellites on VHF, UHF, S, and X-Band frequencies.

The service is tailored for mission critical operations like LEOP and follows standards such as the framing and physical layer operations defined in the blue book of CCSDS-231.

We support the major Mission Control System interfaces such as the Space Link Extension and Network Interface System being used in the ESA MICOSYS toolkit, but also offer a more agile WebSocket based network interface. 

Big Data Acquisition


The turnkey data acquisition module is available for LEO and MEO satellites operating on VHF, UHF, S and X-band.

FPGA digitizers and software-based signal processing powered by a GPU are the backbone of this service providing symbol rates up to 370 Mbaud/s. That enables real-time processing and data-streaming with the highest possible flexibility and service level.

No limits: Full support for CCSDS and DVB-S2 on multiple channels. For example both polarizations LHCP and RHCP can be processed simultaneously.

Turnkey Services


All our solutions are can be easily be integrated into existing systems.

The turnkey services such as TT&C and Big Data Acquisition are available through our virtual ground segment service, or through Docker containers which can be installed on any computer, or in a cloud with just a few clicks.

The satellite data stream can be processed inside our virtual ground segment (data center) which mitigates any kind of data bottleneck and ISP limitations.

Alternatively, the Docker container (running in your cloud) is the access node which synchronizes with our virtual ground segment and optimizes the data pipeline through an AI based network management center.