Our Data Hubs

We focus on enabling high quality services through strategically selected locations, operated by us.

Data centers run the backbone IT services and enable edge-based satellite communications for true real-time processing without latency while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements on the network.

All of the data hubs are interconnected and create a global cloud-based ground segment

The Arctic Space Data Hub

The Space Domain

The Arctic Space Data Hub is the sweet spot between costs and efficient satellite communications.

  • At 65.8 degrees north, up to 10 passes and 60 minutes per day for polar orbits.
  • The ideal place to cover Central Europe.
  • Calm and dry weather improve the service quality and reduce maintenance.
  • Long moon and planetary visibility seasons.
  • Plenty of space to scale up with more ground stations.

The Ground Domain

  • Edge computing through a native direct data center connection. No backhauling or data relay-based operations.
  • Highest quality of service through redundant fibre, electrical power supplies, and 24/7 security.
  • Carbon dioxide free.
  • Many other tailored IT services such as cloud computing and hardware colocation.
  • Very transparent pricing policy.
  • Rapid, cheap, and simple deployment due to public road access.
  • Backup ground stations availability.
  • Cloud computing services.