Virtual Ground Segment

We close the gap between Data Centers and Ground Stations.


The ground segment constitutes the ground-based IT infrastructure necessary to support the operation of satellites, including mission control, mission planning, automation, signal acquisition, reception, processing and the delivery of data.

It is remarkably similar as an orchestra, many sub-systems must go hand in hand to satisfy satellite operators, end-customers, and stakeholders. Only an exceptionally reliable, scalable, and sustainable platform can accomplish that.

By closing the gap between data centers and ground stations we enable edge-based satellite communications.

Infrastructure and Software as a Service


Through our hypervisor solution we can provide either an amazingly simple virtual machine solution, or we can provide a fully scalable Hypervisor stack. You determine how much RAM, CPU or storage you need, and we have the infrastructure for that.

We also work close with several companies and can offer solutions with flight heritage covering the entire ground segment. Ground Station, Mission Control, Mission Planning, Mission Automation, and Flight Dynamics.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)


We can integrate any EGSE into your virtual ground segment.

For example, spectrum analyzers for RF frequency monitoring can be directly connected to your virtual ground segment. The same goes for satellite emulator hardware or satellite engineering model (EM) components which can be used for real-time simulations.

That brings simplicity to your ground segment and tears down barriers and network related issues.